Guam 1945
Photographer Unknown

About the Seabees

Monthly Meetings
Officers and Contact Info
Ship's Store

Filling a hole in a bridge in Iraq 2004

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Three Bees & a Hut

Ship's Store

Bee, Hat & Hut

Bee, Helmet & Gun

Cocoanut Grove - Where the PX,
Food & All Was Located.

Boy on Water Buffalo

Baby Peers from Hut's Upper Window

Ships in the Harbor

Hubert Holding Up Truck Fender
(See photos of Hubert today below)

They were "boys", Now They be Men.

Sunset in Paradise

Artillery Emplacement

B-29 Bomber Being Loaded and Serviced

B-29 Taxiing

B-29 on the Line

Village That Was Rebuilt by the Bees

Local Village

Rebuilt Church

U.S. Jeep Makes the Trek
Through the Palms

Another Jeep, Another Road

Japanese Prisoners Puck up the Trash

Daytime in Paradise

Soldiers on Patrol

Water Buffalo Cart

Washing Clothes the Old-Fashioned Way,
in Muddy Water.

Village of Agat

The Church of Agana

An Un-Named Village

Another View of the Un-Named Village

Agana After the Bombings


What is Left of a Native Home

Another Village

Cemerty for Army, Navy & Marines with
Graves for Their Dogs at Back.

B-29's on the Line

Graduation Day

Women doing the Cooking

Women Making Pocket Bread

Local Children

Woman Making a Mat

The Road to the Ocean

Village & Road

Bombed-out Cemetery

Bombed Building

Another Bombed Building

Masts of Sunken Japanese Ship

View to the Ocean
Photos Supplied by Hubert G. Reavis

Hubert Today

Hubert Again Today!!

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